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Making Links: 15 Visions of Community

Making Links: 15 Visions of Community

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and others share their visions for our communities.

To mark our 30th anniversary we invited some friends to take a look with us at the state of our communities and, perhaps more importantly, where we are going.

Alongside the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition we hear from, for example: Phil Beadle – former teacher of the year on the role of community schools; 15 year old Alex Loukos – local youth ambassador to the Olympics about the prospect of the 2012 games in London; Russell Davies on a community formed online; Stafford Scott considering leadership in black and minority ethnic communities; Mohammed Nazam founder of Berakah, the multi-faith music project; Anne Shewring about her volunteer role as a primary school governor and Kevin Harris writing about the way community can be formed through shared activities in public spaces.

Contributors write in a personal capacity about the issues that they think are important for us all.

Community Links is very grateful to 3i Group plc who generously supported the production of this book.


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