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Policy and Research Projects

Community Links’ frontline policy and research work seeks to influence policy making, as well as sharing our learning with other organisations. This page includes information on our current policy and research projects.

For more information on any of our policy and research work, contact Ben Robinson


Policy and Research Projects


We are monitoring the impacts of the coalition government’s welfare reforms. Our longitudinal research project – running since 2012 – seeks to understand the impacts of welfare reform on our community and local services. We have used the findings from this project to set out an alternative approach to social security: one which acts early to prevent crises rather than responding to them, and which promotes readiness and resilience.

We are working together with others from across the voluntary sector to improve conditionality and sanctions for benefit claimants. Recently, we have worked to influence the Government’s Independent Review of Sanctions, and a House of Commons Committee investigation into benefit sanctions.




As an employment support provider, we are particularly keen to improve the service jobseekers receive. Using our frontline experience and jobseekers’ own perspectives we are setting out a series of changes that will transform employment support for those who most need it. Currently we are focusing on Jobcentre Plus and changes that could make the service work for everyone.




Our work in this theme focuses on how to make regeneration genuinely inclusive, and work for people as well as places. Based on our long experience of engaging with developers and planners, we have set out key principles to make sure regeneration is ‘for all’. We are continuing to set out our vision for regeneration to both national and international audiences.




We are currently exploring a new area of work about platforms – groups, spaces, and/or events – that, whilst not their specific aim, help to forge friendships. Examples of this might include allotments, running clubs and choir groups. These all provide platforms for developing peer networks and building mutually supportive communities. Our research is exploring how these platforms create social links of lasting value.

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