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Our Approach


We base our work on the three pillars of Community Links’ approach:
Our Approach
  • Early Action. Our work seeks to promote readiness and prevent future need. We seek to ensure that public policy prevents crises occurring rather than picking up the pieces. Our Early Action Task Force is building a broad alliance of people from every sector, united by their desire for a society which acts earlier.
  • Deep Value. We know that strong, one-to-one relationships transform lives. Our research into 'Deep Value' relationships in the delivery of public services has collated powerful evidence that they make a considerable difference. We are now working towards building the economic argument for deep value relationships.
  • Ground Up. Our policy and research work is grounded in our frontline experience; driven by and learning from those with whom we work. We seek to amplify voices from our community and to ensure that they are listened to, creating a truly connected and influential community.

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