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Employment, Training and Enterprise

Our nationally-recognised Employment, Training and Enterprise support services operate across east London helping people find and keep jobs. Last year, we supported over 3,000 unemployed people - over a third went on to find sustainable jobs, many more have gone onto further training and voluntary work.

Employment, Training and Enterprise

Our employment and training projects support a whole range of people - some are for specific groups, like young people, single parents or older people with health issues, whilst others are open to anyone - they all share the same approach:

  • We think about the individual with one-to-one support for each person
  • We plan for the long-term We don't just help people get into work we also help them stay there
  • We take a ground-up approach with service users and employers shaping our delivery to allocate just the right support.
  • Our Deep Value relationships meet individual’s specific needs. By looking at all aspects of their lives, having an eye on long-term ambitions and goals we can provide sustainable support.

Community Links believes that in principle both work placements and work trials are valuable for jobseekers as they act as a stepping-stone, helping them on their journey back into work. We only enter into arrangements with employers where there are agreed outcomes that support jobseekers in their journey back to work, such as specific job related training and/or a guarantee of an interview for a role.

Our view on sanctions is set out in our sanctions policy briefing and further background is included in our Work Programme policy briefing.

Crucially we know that successful career means making the right link between the employer and the employee  which is why we work closely with employers to ensure we meet emplotes needs as well as recruits ambitions. Our employment and training brochure sets out details of our main programmes on offer which are divided into:

 Employment, Training and Enterprise case studies.

A new leisure centre is opening in Atherton, see for some of their job opportunities!