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Turn a Life Around

Poverty, addiction, crime, neglect, abuse – the problems of our most deprived inner cities can seem overwhelming. Can anyone struggling with such troubling issues really turn their life around?
Turn a Life Around

We know they can. People here at Community Links prove it every day. Community Links helps thousands of people change their lives, but we need your help to keep on doing it.

Many of the people we work with struggle to overcome difficult and complex problems. Everyday we see the impact that living in poverty has on the lives of local people; poor health, inadequate housing, debt problems, children excluded from school, troubled teenagers caught up in anti-social behaviour or themselves the victims of crime.  We also see how people are able to turn their lives around when given the support and help they need to tackle their problems.  Our network of 60 community projects reaches over 30,000 vulnerable children, young people, adults and older people every year, empowering individuals and communities to build their own ladders out of poverty and towards a brighter future.   For some, like Aaron Campbell, it can be a lifeline.

“Community Links helped me turn my life around. When I was about 14, there was half a dozen of us hanging around the streets. We were always getting into trouble. I’m the only one who survived. The others went the wrong way: thieving, things like that. I could’ve gone the same way.

I got the chance to train with Community Links, and became a Young Leader. Now I’ve got a job at the Inclusion For All project, helping young people with special needs.  Once, I was heading the wrong way. But Community Links help me turn my life around.” Aaron Campbell.

For many, Community Links is not just a chance to build a better life – it is their only chance. We cannot let them down, as they have been let down before. This is your chance to help turn someone’s life around. We hope you will join us with your support so that – together we can continue to turn thousands of lives around.

If you would like to help please download our standing order form and post to Turn a Life Around, Community Links, Freepost LON 18546, London, E16 4BR, or simply set up your monthly donation online now and start to Turn A Life Around.  Please contact with any questions.

Thank you.