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Shares and Securities

This scheme makes your investment worth up to 140% of its value as well as providing tax benefits for the donor. The combination of Income Tax relief and Capital Gains Tax relief now available offers tax relief for the donor of up to 80% against the value of the shares you give. One friend of Community Links used their shares to kickstart our Major Gifts initiative, a donation that has the potential to generate 30 times the original investment! For example £10,000 worth of shares which is now worth £15,000 donated to a charity would generate £6,000 worth of income tax relief for a higher rate taxpayer and save the donor £2,000 in CGT.

You will be exempt from Capital Gains Tax on any profit element on such investments (up to 40%). You can claim tax relief at your top rate of tax (up to 40%), on your self assessment return. Such gifts are also exempt from Stamp Duty and there are no other costs imposed on the donor.

Your gift could help train our young people to become young leaders for the next generation, or to help launch a new young people’s social enterprise. Whether your support in shares is to maintian our work, or start a new development it will make an immediate impact.

To make donation or discuss further please contact Ian Robinson who is one of our founding trustees and who will receive this in confidence.