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Living Legacy

The slogan for the London 2012 Olympic Games - ‘Inspire a Generation’ mirrors our own belief that the Olympics has provided our area of east London with a unique opportunity to tackle decades of exclusion, to transform the communities we support and to secure a positive impact on the lives of young people in Newham.

Living Legacy

However, we know that many young people feel a long way from being able to harness the opportunities that the Olympics bought in. That is why we’ve launched the Living Legacy Appeal.

Our “Living Legacy” is about changing the minds of a generation of hard-to-reach kids. From ‘I can’t’ to ‘I’m ready’. We want to “Inspire a Generation” of kids living on the doorstep of the Olympic Park so that by the time the wall comes down, they’ll be ready for anything, understanding they have potential, and knowing how to unlock it. We want to see a generation that plays its full part in society. And even more importantly, a generation which brings up the next generation to be the same; passing on the torch of a positive legacy; a generation which shows others how to do it. 

To make it work then we need to be doing it now. Community Links has been changing the lives of young people one by one for 35 years. Inspiring a whole Generation is clearly a step up! However our plans are in place and we now want to:

  • Maintain and develop our work tackling gangs, guns and knives helping young people to overcome the fear that holds them back and makes their aspirations very small. Our recent event “Street Life – the conversation” put young people at the centre of addressing these issues themselves.
  • Scale up our sports programmes – sport is an effective tool to motivate young people, and to give them confidence, self discipline and skills that will stand them in good stead for the future. Following the success of our FRE Flyers Hockey Project in partnership with the GB Hockey Team, we are laying the foundations of the UK’s largest mass membership multi-sports club. 
  • Develop a new programme encouraging young people to develop employability and self-enterprise skills.

All of this will be delivered through our network of Community Hubs which are in the most deprived neighbourhoods around the Olympic Park. And all of the learning will be shared with other practitioners and policy makers to multiply the impact.

The young people of east London are ready now to be inspired and persuaded that life can be different – “inspiring a generation” will make the young people we work with ready to step up and embrace these opportunities.

We won’t have such a chance again in our lifetime, so we need to seize the moment now. You can support this Appeal by making a donation today. Or find out more about the Campaign here.