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Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

The Employee Volunteering programme enables our corporate partners to build a sustainable partnership with Community Links and make a positive social impact in their neighbouring community of east London. The programme is open to employees of companies that support our work through corporate donations. Community Links provides partner organisations with a variety of opportunities to get involved in the community-based projects that we operate. The programme inspires business volunteeers to unlock their potential by reaching out to make a positive impact on the lives of local children, youth and adults in east London. Learn more about recent projects that corporate volunteers have been involved with!

What are the Benefits of Employee Volunteering?

Developing Community Partnerships

Provides companies with a clear way to demonstrate their commitment to helping the local community in which they operate. Employees make excellent ambassadors for your company and their involvement in local volunteering generates positive attitudes towards your company.

Building a Committed Workforce

Volunteering increases employee job satisfaction, which improves corporate culture and the recruitment and retention of employees in the long run. Volunteer projects provide employees with a welcome break from their desks, while having fun collaborating with colleagues in a unique setting and making a meaningful contribution to society.

Breaking Down Social Barriers

Corporate volunteering helps to break down social barriers in communities, which in turn enables employees and local people in east London to exchange ideas and develop a better understanding of the social issues that exist today.

Why Community Links?

Working with an Experienced Team

Our team has extensive experience in both the corporate and charity sectors, so we truly understand how to create and run volunteer projects for our corporate partners that maximise outcomes for both employees from your organisation and Community Links.

Making a Difference in Local Communities

Most of our work is delivered in Newham, one of the most deprived London boroughs, which also happens to be only a few stops away from most major business districts in central London. By partnering with us, your employees will have a chance to make a positive impact on a community that is very close to home.

Get Your Company Involved

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn more about current volunteering opportunities. Volunteer opportunities are prioritised for partner organisations, so you can be sure that your employees will be well taken care of.

Employee Volunteers Making a Difference

Check out recent projects that employee voluntees have been involved with at Community Links

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For more information about specific opportunities or how to get your company involved with volunteering at Community Links contact Anila.