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Youth Justice Reinvestment Pathfinder

Youth Justice Reinvestment Pathfinder

The Youth Justice Reinvestment Pathfinder Initiative is a pilot project in which the Youth Justice Board and the Ministry of Justice devolve extra funding from the central custody budget to some local authority Youth Offending Teams, for use in reducing the number of young people entering custody. The two year pilot is working with local authorities or consortia in four areas (east London, west London, Birmingham and West Yorkshire), and is run on a payment-by-results basis, whereby the funding is clawed back if the numbers entering custody have not fallen sufficiently. Prevention work is often difficult to undertake from within the youth justice system – devolving the funding and responsibility to local authorities should allow more effective, joined up, work.

The pilot began in Autumn 2011 and no official results have yet been published, although in their submission to the Justice Committee enquiry into youth justice the LGA said that ‘initial feedback has been positive, with one area reporting a 7 per cent reduction in custody in the first quarter (figure not at time of writing endorsed by the Youth Justice Board).’

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