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The Reading Recovery Programme

The Reading Recovery Programme

Reading Recovery (RR) is a short-term intensive literacy intervention programme for primary school children who are experiencing problems with reading and writing after their first year of school.

There are over 60 Reading Recovery centres throughout the UK, Ireland and Denmark. It consists of intensive daily 30 minute one-to-one lessons over a period of approximately 20 weeks, held with a trained literacy teacher.

Poor literacy has been shown to be a serious disadvantage in later life, particularly harming employment chances: the cost to society over an individual’s lifetime could be as high as £64,000, around £2bn for all those affected. The programme is estimated to save between £11 and £17 per £1 spent.

Reading Recovery is the foundation intervention for Every Child a Reader (ECaR), the UK literacy intervention programme, and is funded by a combination of government and private funds.

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