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Looking Forward to Later Life

 Taking an early action approach to our ageing society

Looking Forward to Later Life

Unprecedented increases in life expectancy over the last century have not been matched with a clear understanding, across society, of what we expect from our newfound older age.

Government’s approach is piecemeal and uncoordinated, driven by only the clearest looming liabilities (for example on pensions) or in response to crises (such as in social care). By reacting once problems have developed and badly managing crisis situations governments can incur great cost for little impact. If, instead, public services, businesses, civil society and all of us as individuals were ready, both to take advantage of the opportunities and to successfully navigate the challenges of later life, we would experience a triple dividend – increased wellbeing, reduced costs, and increased contribution. This requires a new vision for later life.

The Early Action Task Force's report Looking Forward to Later Life (pdf) suggests some ideas that could populate this new vision.