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A Question of Growth

In the summer of 2016 we asked members of the Task Force and others to contribute a blog each on the topic of 'good growth'.

The Early Action Task Force has argued that a determined shift towards investing early in social wellbeing would yield a “triple dividend” – it would help us all to be happy and healthy at every stage in our lives, it would save money that is currently spent on later stage, crisis intervention and it would strengthen national prosperity as more capable people contribute more to a flourishing economy. Thriving lives. Costing less. Contributing more.

The third dividend – Contributing More – is sometimes called the growth argument and has proved important in our conversations with government. However whilst increased prosperity can support more early action and a more capable community can contribute to greater prosperity – a virtuous circle – there are no necessary correlations. Growth that abuses rather than nourishes social capital or natural resources has the opposite effect.

We have brought the contributions together into a pdf, which you can read here.