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Why We Are Here

When Community Links first started, Newham faced mass unemployment, many workers were receiving very low pay, fuel poverty was widespread, families with young children were living in dangerous tower blocks, too many others had no home at all. Alongside this, statutory financial support for organisations like ours was in decline and the country was heading into a recession.

Today, things are much better; Community Links work in partnership with local and national government to solve the problems affecting communities. Our borough is richly diverse, facing unprecedented regeneration opportunities: Newham Council predicts that between 2010 and 2027 over £22bn of investments will be made into the west and south edges of the borough alone, creating more than 35,000 new homes and 100,000 new jobs.

However, there are still major problems here are some facts and figures about Newham our home borough:

• Newham is the eighth most deprived borough in England – a small improvement from 2010 when it was ranked second in the country
• Newham ranks as the worst place in England for accessing housing, which includes measuring affordability, homelessness and overcrowding. For example, 25% of households are overcrowded, the highest level in the UK.
• Newham now ranks second highest in England for deprivation experienced by older people
• Over  20% of people move in and out of the borough every year – one of the highest rates of population churn in the UK.
Over a third of Newham workers continue to be paid below the London Living Wage and over one in five less than the minimum wage.
• School attainment in Newham is improving, but not as fast as the rest of London.11% of residents still have no qualifications at all.

We are committed to making lives better for local people and to use our experiences to help others across the country. We have ambitious plans to meet our strategic priorities:

  • Skilled and Enterprising People
  • Ready and Resourceful Neighbourhoods
  • Connected and Influential Communities

We will achieve these through our local work in east London and widen the impact by sharing the learning through our policy and communication work. We know what needs to be done – and we know the huge gap in funding and services that we need to bridge to ensure that east London can grasp all the opportunities on offer.