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About Us

Community Links is an innovative east London charity working with 14,000 people each year.

We have almost 40 years experience working in one of the most deprived, diverse and vibrant areas in the UK. Half of our staff live locally and 40% are former service users or volunteers. Our work is about far more than numbers, but here are some:


Furthermore, through our Health Awareness and Cancer Prevention projects we have reached 18,690 people helping them to take control of their wellbeing and to act early to prevent future problems. These numbers have been achieved through our diverse and impactful programmes, community hubs and policy work. We also have a varied range of social enterprises which help support the running of Community Links. 

In 2011, our groundbreaking Early Action Task Force was launched which makes the case for a shift in priorities away from coping with the consequences of social problems, towards work that prevents them arising. Our evidence-based research and policy work; campaigning, events, and publications all share our experience from the ground up. As a result, we are recognised as national leaders in regeneration and social policy. Our real success comes from the way we work with individuals we call it Deep Value – success that’s measured as the individual and the organisation develop and grow, together.

One of Britain’s most inspiring community organisations

David Cameron, Prime Minister

For all the details see our local services and our national work or read our latest strategy document - to understand where we’re coming from, here are our values:

To generate change. To tackle causes not symptoms, find solutions not palliatives. To recognise that we need to give as well as to receive and to appreciate that those who experience a problem understand it best. To act local but think global, teach but never stop learning. To distinguish between the diversity that enriches society and the inequalities that diminish it. To grow – but all to build a network not an empire. To be driven by dreams, judged on delivery. To never do things for people but to guide and support, to train and enable, to simply inspire

Community Links' values

This short film outlines some of our work: